Videogame – Persian Hero Garshasp

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Iran has introduced its first domestically-developed videogame called Garshasp in an effort to cut down on Western monopoly over the videogame market.

The videogame, which took four years to complete, features legendary Persian hero Garshasp, a Press TV correspondent reported.

Created entirely by young Iranian designers, Garshasp made a splash at Gamescom, Europe’s biggest video games fair back in August.

The director of the Garshasp project, Arash Jafari, told Press TV that the game was meant to deliver the cultural message of the Persian civilization.

“The idea was to put all these [historical] stories, these rich artistic elements, pictorial stories, literature and poetry into a new-age media, like a videogame,” Jafari added.

In the game, Garshasp fights the forces of evil, using an array of bladed weapons. The game is ornamented with Iranian elements, including ancient architectural design, Iranian wrestling methods and Persian epic melodies and musical statements.

The creators of the game maintain that the videogame is part of the efforts to rectify the “distorted image of Iran as portrayed in the West.”

It is also an effort to counter the impact of anti-Iranian games and movies, the game developers say.

Gotta give credit where credit is due. This looks pretty well done:

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