Tom Shales & Amanpour


Tom Shales’ argument on why Christiane Amanpour is the wrong choice for ABC’s political talk show “This Week” is pathetic, weak, and laughable at best.

Shales says, “….even though Amanpour has often been touted for her expertise in foreign affairs, she has vocal and passionate critics in that area as well. Supporters of Israel have more than once charge Amanpour with bias against that country and its politics. A Web site devoted to criticism of Amanpour is titled, with less than a modicum of subtlety, “Christiane Amanpour’s Outright Bias Against Israel Must Stop,”….

“As if the outside position to Amanpour wasn’t enough, ABC News is practically in a revolt over her selection, according to such industry-watchers at TV Newser, which quotes ABC insiders as resenting Westin’s hiring of a highly paid celebrity interloper for a job that many thought would go to White House corespondent like Jake Tapper or to “Nightline” co-anchor Terry Moran. Either would have made a better “This Week” ancho, and neither would put ABC News in the position of having to rationalize spending big bucks on a superstar while making brutal cutbacks in the division…..”

In a country where Sarah Palin publishes and makes millions out of a book she never wrote and is invited to become a FOX News commentator, you can’t be criticizing a well-known and accomplished news figure such as Christiane Amanpour for being selected to run a political talk show.

Amanpour began working for CNN in Frankfurt, Germany covering the democratic revolutions sweeping Eastern Europe. Her coverage of the Gulf War in 1990 led to her prominence as an International correspondence and she has reported from many dangerous conflict zones such as Bosnia, Darfur and the Middle East. In other words, she’s been in the thick of it most of the time.

More so, because of her Iranian background, she is better qualified to talk about Middle East. God forbid, in this country, we may get the perspective of people other than neocons or the extremist Jews who frankly are as fanatical as Taliban, Hezbollah and Hamas they’re so quick to condemn.

If the ABC employees are “demoralized” it’s because mainstream media is hurting. Internet is changing our world and as far as I’m concerned, for the better, so we don’t have to be controlled by big media and big business.

As for the uproar of the ABC employees for bringing an outsider to run a show rather than promoting from the inside, well, that’s just Corporate America folks! And Corporate America isn’t always fair.

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