The human rights situation in Iran has reached an alarming stage

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By Gender Equality in Iran

The human rights situation in Iran has reached an alarming stage. A large number of civil rights activists, political, ideological, religious and ethnic minority prisoners as well as journalists and women’s rights activists are either in prison or facing increased pressures at home.

After the disputed presidential elections in June 2009 and throughout the past year, opponents and critics of the elections have been detained and issued heavy sentences. The sentences range from execution to lashes, to long prison terms. Those in prison are often held in ward 350 at the Evin prison or at the Rajai Shahr prison which have limited or no medical services. Prisoners often suffer from poor sanitary conditions and insufficient food and many are placed in the same cell or ward with hardened criminals. Some prisoners who are provided with temporary furlough, have to put up very heavy bail amounts (sometimes at half a million dollars) and as such are forced into inactivity and their families face extreme economic hardships as a result.

Charges against these prisoners are varied and range from Moharebeh (enmity with God), which could carry the death penalty, acting against national security, insulting authorities, participation in demonstrations, destruction of public properties and civil disorder.

According to some statistics currently, 216 political and ideological prisoners have collectively received a total number of 1,100 years in prison terms while others have been sentenced to execution or life imprisonment.”

The website provides a list of prisoners they have received so far, who have been issued sentences of prison to be served in internal exile: You can read more here.

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