The Green Wave

A new film called “The Green Wave” has come out about the Iranian presidential elections of June 2009, written and directed by Ali Samadi Ahadi.

Below is the trailer of the movie.

Joost Lagendijk from Today’s Zaman provided the following review about the movie:

“I was deeply impressed. Firstly, it is a well-made film, based on hundreds of Internet blogs, Facebook reports and videos posted on the Internet by Iranians who took to the streets, before but especially after the elections. These fragments are combined with interviews with prominent Iranian personalities like human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi and the Shiite cleric Mohsen Kadivar, one of the most important critics of the Islamic Republic. Chilling are the eyewitness accounts of bloggers and journalists who were tortured and had to flee the country to survive. But I was most struck by the story of two young students that runs through the film as the main thread. This fictional storyline has been animated as a sort of moving comic, based on beautiful drawings by Ali Reza Darvish.

The second reason why this film is so inspiring is related to the motives and opinions of its director, Ali Samadi Ahadi, a 38-year-old Iranian living in Germany. He was present at the international premiere of his new documentary in Amsterdam and explained his views on Iran and the green revolution that took place there last year. He is convinced that despite all the repression and the inhuman cruelty of the present regime, the desire of the Iranian people for more freedom and dignity is unbroken — just as is their willingness to fight for it. At the same time, he underlined that the biggest challenge for the demonstrators and protesters is to remain patient. Change will not come to Iran overnight. He compared it with rain in the desert. The first rain falls on hard, impenetrable soil. But after a while, the water penetrates deeper and the earth becomes softer. Only then will plants be able to grow. According to Ali Samadi Ahadi, some fundamental changes have already taken place in Iran, one of them being the strong feeling among many that the present government does not represent the Iranian people anymore.”

You can read his entire review here.

Sounds like a good movie. Would love to watch it if it makes its way to Los Angeles.

Here is the trailer:

THE GREEN WAVE teaser (ENGLISH) from Jan Krueger on Vimeo.

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