Parazit on Jon Stewart

Woohoo! Kambiz and Saman make it to the Jon Stewart show. You go, guys!

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RichardMarch 22nd, 2012 at 6:50 am

Gunwalker isn’t a scandal, it’s datpeviry. Homicidal datpeviry, which was dismissed as “breaking eggs to make omlettes”. People have been killed.Obama’s sanctimonious posturing against the rights of private gun owners, while he was deliberately running guns to criminals as a matter of policy, is intolerable. This wasn’t an error, it wasn’t a mistake, it wasn’t a “plan gone awry” as CNN put it, the Obama administration did this on purpose. This was their plan. They carried out their plan.Obama must resign.Instead of shaming the American presidency, he should apologize to the widows and orphans of Gunwalker after he leaves office. Then he can hire a lawyer for himself to deal with the wrongful death lawsuits he’ll be facing.

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