Iranian female athlete to receive reward “only if married”

An article by Golnaz Esfandiarias publised on states that “Azadpour, 22, who won the gold medal in Sanshou 60kg Wushu (a Chinese martial art) at the Asian Games on November 17, told the website “Tebyan” that the authorities had not kept their promise.


“Before I left, they promised to give me a house if I won a gold medal. They said, ‘After you return, you will get the keys to the apartment at the airport,'” she said.

“But unfortunately it didn’t happen and after following up they said that the conditions had changed and only if you get married will the reward be yours.”

Esfandiari reports that the athlete has said that the decision would damage her morale and the morale of other athletes, adding that such incidents could also make her lose her motivation to compete in other sporting events.

“Azadpour said she worked hard to win the gold medal. She said she trained for nine months, day and night. She also said that the Iranian authorities should treat female and male athletes equally.”

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