Iran: What’s Next?

Setareh Sabety has written a great article on The Huffington Post titled “Iran Rises Again: Opposition Shows Sights of Resilience.”

Below is a part of the article. You can read the entire article here.
The regime used all her propaganda tools to try to belittle and dismiss the 25th Bahman and 1st Esfand protests. Both days were painted as a small disturbance by a group of foreign-funded seditionist, by the state run media and regime pundits. Members of Parliament took to the podium of the Majlis and chanted “death to Mousavi and death to Karoubi.”

By Sunday an Iron wall was erected at the entrance of the Mousavis residence, their personal guards were replaced with security forces loyal to the regime suggesting that this was going to be a long detention. With that wall the regime displayed its determination to clamp down on the opposition, oblivious to the historic symbolism of another ‘iron curtain’ that not too long ago fell.

The evening before 1st Esfand cries of Allah Akbar filled the skies of Tehran and did not die down till dawn. According to contacts in Iran it was one of the loudest and longest sessions of Allah Akbar chanting that have become a form of nocturnal protest since the 2009 Election Uprising.

1st Esfand (Feb.20) was big enough to show that 25th Bahman (Feb.14) was not a single outburst inspired by the events in Tunis and Egypt but rather the revival of an opposition movement that continues to show signs of resilience. Iranians are pragmatists and unlike their Arab neighbors have recent experience with revolution. They will not risk life and limb unless they are sure that they are on the winning side. 1st Esfand was a step in the winning direction for the opposition in Iran.

Farnaz Fassihi on The Wall Street Journal reports that “Iran’s opposition Green Movement said Monday it was pondering its next move and considering a continuation of street protests….

A new date hasn’t been announced for antigovernment protests although supporters posted on the opposition’s Facebook page that this Tuesday or Wednesday are possible.

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