Iran Protest March 1 / Esfand 10

IranPressNews reports that Regime’s former revolutionary guard commander Mohsen Rezai is concerned that the regime might fall. He added that the 2009 demonstrations were against the hardliners and those considered responsible for the voting fraud in Iran, but now the demonstrations have turned against the Islamic Republic and the entire ruling establishment.

A good subject that was brought up on a recent radio interview I did and it’s something that we need to discuss further, is having some sort of a plan if the regime is overthrown. I’m sure there are political groups that have a plan in their pocket but this time the people of Iran need to agree to a plan and not allow the political groups to hijack the revolution. I’ve heard this subject brought up on many Iranian forums but I’m concerned that another revolution like 1979 would happen where we would have too much bloodshed. However, unfortunately, doesn’t look like the Iranian regime is willing to cooperate at all and therefore a revolution seems the only way to find freedom.

Freedom Messenger seems to be implying that protesters are planning another demonstration on Saturday Feb 26 / 7 Esfand. I haven’t been able to confirm this anywhere else but this is one of the flyers that seem to have been passed around. This picture was found on Freedom Messenger’s Facebook page. The flyer says “line by line and face to face, let’s meet on Feb 26.” Another flyer calls out: “Iranian have some shame. Stand up and support us on Feb 26 / Esfand 7.”


This is a video of the high security in Tehran right now. Obviously, the regime is in panic mode. Executions have intensified. But at the end of the day they can’t kill everybody and with every single person they execute, they make five more enemies determined to overthrow them.

I’ll update the blog as I hear more.

The news from Tehran Bureau confirms that there is a protest planned but it’s actually planned for this coming Tuesday:

Mojtaba Vahedi, a close aide to Karroubi who lives in the United States, said today that the last three Tuesdays of the current Iranian year, which ends on March 20, will be used for public demonstrations. The first of these Tuesdays — 10 Esfand/March 1 — is Mousavi’s birthday, the second — 17 Esfand/March 8 — is International Women’s Day, and the third — 24 Esfand/March 15 — marks the traditional festival of Chahar Shanbeh Souri.

Various reports indicate that that security and police forces are on alert in various parts of Tehran, creating a state of quasi-martial law. Dr. Ardeshir Amir Arjomand, senior advisor to Mousavi, has warned people to keep calm and be alert.
These are great dates for protest. For one thing, we are not protesting during religious holidays, which I think is fantastic. Protesting during the International Women’s Day is a huge statement about the anti-women laws and the way women have been mistreated for 30 years in that country. The Chahar Shanbeh Souri on March 15th, is a secular Persian New Years festival that Iranians cherish as a pre-Islamic celebration and which the Islamic regime has tried to stop for 30 years and hasn’t been able to.

I think the protestors are finally taking the chanting of “Iranian Republic” to the next level. Hopefully one day (maybe soon?) we will have separation of church (or mosque) and state.


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