Books Awaiting Censorship


An article by Omid Nikfarjam from Vancouver Sun states that in Iran “piles of books awaiting their review are so great that books have reportedly spilled out from their offices at the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance into the building’s corridors.

“According to government figures, there are about 7,000 publishing firms in Iran today.

“Even if only 1,000 of those publishers delivers five books a year for approval, that’s 5,000 books a year the censors must wade through.

“No wonder one publishing house says it has about 70 novels and short story collections pending review by the censors, while another reports it has had between 50 and 70 books awaiting review at any one time during the past two years.

“Writers and translators say they routinely wait for one, two or even three years for a decision on the suitability of their books.”

You can read more here.

This is a video posted on youtube that talks about the censorship in Iran:


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