A Night in Isfahan

By Giovanni Bertani

It’s sad that such an interesting and culturally rich nation is so isolated at the moment.

There is a huge perception gap between how westerners look at Iran and Iranians and reality. While traveling in Iran and experiencing the incredibly warm and welcoming attitude of its population, this gap seems surreal due to the levels of constant confrontation with the West that characterizes the Islamic Republic.

Iran is indeed an open society where reform discussion is fervent and secularism well established in an important part of the population coexisting in an always changing form with conservatives and clerics. Cultural heritage, with roots coming from well before the Islamic era, plays an important role in defining the unique Persian identity.

Below is a video that Giovanni took while in Isfahan, Iran.

A night in Esfahan Iran – August 2010. ايران اصفهان from Giovanni Bertani on Vimeo.

You can see more pictures here.


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