A Few Good People – First dog shelter in Iran


An article by username kfravon talks about Iran’s very first animal shelter.

It’s sad that this is Iran’s first shelter for dogs but it’s a great start. I remember growing up in Tehran, walking the streets where stray dogs were often mistreated and ignored. Sometimes the sound of a gunshot ended their wretched screams. Since I’ve always loved animals, it broke my heart. I’m glad to hear now that the first shelter, Vafa, has opened in Hashtgerd near Karaj. Vafa shelter is situated on a 4000 square meter plot and has the capacity to house 50 to 60 dogs. It was fine to begin with but over time the founders have become overwhelmed with the number of abandoned and abused dogs in desperate need of medical attention and a safe place to recover from abuses and harassments. The shelter now houses more than 300 dogs.

Vafa shelter struggles with the most basic expenses such as moving the dogs to the shelter or transporting food for them, which needs to be done daily since they don’t have electricity and therefore no refrigeration. Needless to say they get absolutely no support from the government.

In the main photo of this article you see the author going along on a drive with one of the staff. On the way they noticed a dog on the side of the road and realized that the poor dog’s back legs were tied with a rope. They pulled to the side to help, but the dog was scared and ran away. They finally caught up with him and cut off the rope. The dog had a big scar since the rope had cut deep into his skin but they managed to help him.

You can see more pictures of the beautiful dogs here.

To see how you can help these dogs please read more.


WajidAugust 5th, 2011 at 1:17 pm

Salam Sasha, thanks for posting this wonderful article. I’m glad to know they open an animal shelter in iran and i wish all the Muslim countries should pay attention and learn from Iran. I love dog and i adopt a German shepherd from animal shelter. Her name is ruby and i love her to death. It’s a pleasure feeling when i give her food while i’m fasting. It makes me feel that i am getting a lot of credits from above. Insha’Allah.

smostofiAugust 6th, 2011 at 10:27 am

Hi Wajid, a friend of mine had a german shepherd with the name Ruby. I’m sure you are getting a lot of credits from above whenever you help her. It really bothers me how Muslim countries treat dogs. I guess I just love all animals. :-)

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